The themes and substance of the latest Netflix rom-com in the streaming site's selections are drawing criticism. Some moviegoers were outraged by Purple Hearts

a story about a lady who marries a Marine to get health insurance; many have said that the film is racist, misogynistic, and even military propaganda. .

Sofia Carson, one of the movie's actors, and director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum have responded to the ire by defending their connection

The movie Purple Hearts, which comes out on July 29, is about a liberal singer named Cassie (Carson) who consented to marry a traditional Marine named Luke for a year.

She needs medical insurance immediately to pay for her treatment because she has Type 1 diabetes.

A popular new Netflix film is labelled "propaganda" by outraged viewers.

While this is happening, Luke enlists in the military to pay off the debt he incurred due to his addiction. As time drifts apart, Cassie and Luke begin to fall in love.

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