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In the widely shared photo, he is a Delhi beggar masquerading as a model.

Looks like Aditya Roy Kapoor Aditya roy 

Whether a Delhi beggar in a widely shared social media photo is a real beggar or a model is up for debate. The image of the beggar that Kawaljit Singh Bedi posted on Twitter was captioned "Delhi beggars."

The picture depicts a beggar in Delhi who is walking at a stoplight on crutches. He is spotted wearing a black t-shirt and fashionable sunglasses. Consider this 

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Highlight The picture has amassed more than 20,000 likes on the microblogging platform and has gone viral. The man in the image was mistakenly thought to be a model by internet users.

youthful appearance!"

Looks like Hrithik 

He added the remark, "Lot of tweets stating he may not be a beggar," to the video when he posted it. I just learned that I have dashcam footage. 

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 great success!" 

Image has gone viral This is supported by the fact that a man, The individual appears to be moving through the parked automobiles at a signal while wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses.

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