Launch of a "Adult NFT Marketplace" by Amouranth

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 entrepreneurial endeavours, including small enterprises, stocks, and real estate. Amouranth is presently the second-most popular female broadcaster on Twitch, only behind Pokimane, who has more than nine million followers.

– The streamer, for instance, owns and runs a business that sells pool toys in addition to a rising number of petrol stations. – The collaboration with Shush Club is the most recent in a string of successful business ventures.

 –Amouranth stated on Twitter  working with Shush Club on their content platform, site will "change things up." Shush Club will "completely revolutionise the game,"  streamer said, "with fast rewards and a marketing platform.  connects content creators with affiliate marketing and advertising partnerships."

 Shush Club is a "blockchain powered alternative to modern content platforms empowers creators and fans alike by offering access to valuable marketing and investment options in a space that is secure, efficient, and fair for all."

– The "adult NFT marketplace"  at Shush Club in addition to "conventional media formats." "will provide content makers with a frictionless entry into this lucrative market."

– Amouranth is recognised as a Brand Advisor by Shush Club. highest-earning user on OnlyFans, has made the decision to move beyond content creation..... 

knowledge to advise the Shush Club staff and content creators while aggressively promoting the platform on social media. – It is unclear exactly how this will affect her "e-girl agency."


– The streamer claimed to have made over $30 million via OnlyFans, or around $1.5 million each month, back in July. – She currently intends to depart.

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– Amouranth earlier stated Only Fans was about empowerment in reaction to growing criticism, referring to the platform as a "far safer place" than Twitch. – The author of the content said, "You are highly compensated for it.